The Coaching Difference

Most of us, at some stage, have turned to someone for advice or direction.  It's hard to find someone outside your circle to give you the advice you NEED to hear, rather than what you WANT to hear.   Although 'others' advice might seem encouraging at the time, they find it hard not to voice their own fears, anxiety & jealousy on to you, which can hinder your growth and block your path to success.  

The difference between talking to your friends and investing in a Coach??

Your Coach sees the situation from an outside perspective, knows the right questions to ask, the techniques to use, and gives you the accountability you need to really propel you to live the amazing life you're capable of leading.  I will take into consideration all the factors in your life along with what you are wanting to do, who you are wanting to be, and where you are wanting to go, and design your coaching program specifically for you, to give you the outcome you desire.

If you are ready to take the next step but aren't quite sure what that next step is - Let's Chat!  

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Firstly, I have to start off with a BIG FAT THANK YOU! Thank you for stepping up, showing up and showing me (and so many other woman out there) that making my dreams become a reality IS possible... it all just depends on me!

Our call was fantastic, it was fuel on the fire that is burning inside of me and I feel like I’m about to burst with excitement!!! You answered so many of my worries, questions and doubts that I had. I felt such clarity come over me and I now have even more drive to make MY dreams a reality!! You have given me the tools I was looking for to get the snowball rolling... why snowball? It’s because I AM going to take my dream and turn it in to something HUGE!!!

Thank you for being the voice I needed to hear!!
Thank you for being such an inspirational and an amazing woman!!
— E. Greyling - South Africa
I have had the privilege to work one on one with Kathryn. I say privilege because it’s not every day you meet someone, feel right as ease, and get assistance with directing your focus & finding that one thing that make you happy and shine!

Structure, organizing, advice and personal happenings all have helped me find my path and clear way to what’s important to me, what my ain focus and goals are, and how I am getting there!

I walked away with pages of notes and lists of activities, I have a long way to go... but at least now I know I can make it!

Thank you Kathryn, I now do not feel so overwhelmed and I am rather excited to see what the future holds!
— J. Robb - Australia
Kathryn is amazing. She is very intuitive, we instantly created a rapport and I found it so easy to talk to her.

I followed through on her advice the next day and felt and immediate mindset shift. Kathryn helped me unlock areas of my mind and see things that I had no idea even existed!

To anyone considering working with Kathryn I highly recommend you take that leap of faith as she is awesome!

Thank you Kathryn.
— S. Green - United Kingdom